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Amrita Gupta: Property prices poised for steady appreciation Amrit

Amrita Gupta, Director of Manglam Group and Founder President of CREDAI Rajasthan Women’s Wing, highlights key trends in 2024 real estate, emphasizing technology integration, sustainability, and co-living spaces. Gupta sees these trends shaping growth by offering personalized experiences, catering to eco-conscious preferences, and addressing urban housing demands. She underscores the pivotal role of technology, including augmented reality and smart home features, in overcoming market challenges and reshaping the industry. Gupta advocates for inclusive policies and initiatives to foster gender equality, drawing from her involvement in mentorship programs and networking events. Her advice to women entering the male-dominated field is to pursue passion, seek mentorship, and embrace diverse perspectives. Looking ahead, Manglam Group aims to introduce technologically advanced, sustainable projects across markets like Jaipur and Goa in 2024.

Disclaimer: Content taken from Pune Pulse E-Newspaper.

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